Tanggedu Waterfall

Surrounded by lush forest with cliffs similar to the Grand Canyon, the 8-meter-high Tanggedu Waterfall offers a unique and natural scenery with crystal clear blue water that flows quite heavily. To visit this waterfall, we suggest you contact the local guide to ensure a smoother experience.

Lapopu Waterfall

Experience thrilling and peaceful experiences at the same time at the Lapopu Waterfall, just an hour away from the heart of Sumba’s western region. Here, you can find a nice spot to relax and unwind with a breathtaking waterfall view that splits at the top, or take a refreshing dip beneath its majestic flow and bring home the feel of being rejuvenated by the waters.

Waimarang Waterfall

Trekking down to the Waimarang waterfall is quite an adventure, but once you reach the place, you’ll be hypnotized by the view! Here, you can take a refreshing dip and enjoy the sound of the natural surroundings. We recommend visiting this waterfall during the dry season for a better experience.

Matanyangu Waterfall

Step into the lush jungle and find Matayangu Waterfall, which is 75 meters high and offers a natural and breathtaking view. The waterfall is located within the Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park and is home to 57 different types of butterflies, including seven endemic species of butterfly that can only be found on Sumba Island.