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The Secret Paradise

Located 50 minutes of direct flight from Bali and Lombok.

Escape from the big city and live without pollution, traffic or noise in a pleasant climate all year round.

They talk about us:

Where is Sumba?

Sumba is located in Indonesia, just an hour’s flight from Bali. This exotic island has two airports. The closest to our city, Tambolaka, is only 35 km away.


Sumba offers a rare sense of discovery, where ancient tribal culture and unspoiled natural beauty form the backdrop to an experience of unbridled freedom, understated luxury and unforgettable memories.

Comforts in paradise

Live on an Indonesian island paradise, full of deserted beaches and crystal clear waters inhabited by an exceptional aquatic fauna.


Once on land, coconut trees, waterfalls and rice paddies confirm: yes, you have arrived in paradise. You will save time and money by living a low-cost life.


Enjoy a delicious lunch for 1,30€ or rent an electric bike for 2€ per day.

Why Eco Beach City?

Here is an excellent list of reasons to come to Sumba

Enjoy paradise with us

When you shop with us, you get all the benefits of being part of our community.

Enjoy a carefree life

Eco Beach City will provide you and your tenants with all the resources and supplies you need to enjoy an easier and more comfortable life.

Cost of living (ecological life)

Low cost of living compared to the west. Get a more significant return on your income.

Easy to reach

The location of the island is one hour flight to Bali and other destinations.

Move with ease

Buy or rent a motorcycle for about 30€/month and tour the island from north to south.

Online shopping

Tokopedia, your order will be delivered to your home in 2 to 3 days.

If you can dream it, we can build it

As a future resident, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the local culture from day one and participate in the daily life of the island to further enrich this life experience.

Our city of the future

You will discover a beautiful scenery with a million and a half square meters in front of an exotic beach, without traffic and with all the services of a modern western city.


Imagine yourself in an unpolluted residence where you can only move around on foot, by bicycle or electric vehicle.


An exotic rural landscape where wellness, health and peace come together in an ideal way.


Walking through Eco Beach City, you will find the residential areas and shared facilities. The village will be designed in harmony with the surrounding natural ecosystem.

The Beach Club with a pool for adults only adults only and another Beach Club with a pool for families.

A Gym and Sport Club with tennis, basketball and soccer courts.

Coworking, school, 5* spa and multi-purpose and event room for multiple for multiple uses such as lectures and parties.

Restaurant options: Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian, vegetarian and and delicious local dishes.

A supermarket, laundromat, eco stores and more!

Up to 10% estimated annual return

Welcome to Ecobeachcity, where investment not only builds villas but also dreams. Join us in this exciting investment revolution in a business that is transforming the living experience on Sumba Island.
After signing the contract, investors will gain access to exclusive benefits and exciting opportunities for profitability within the Ecobeachcity project.
We guarantee your rights by contract. We will send it to you by mail from

You are just one click away from investing in your home in paradise.

How does it work?

These are the steps to buy your house in Sumba
Step 1

Book a call

Connect with founder Carlos de Ory by booking a personalized call. Uncover all the details of the exciting Ecobeachcity project and kickstart the process to secure your contract. Get ready to enjoy high annual returns!
Step 2

Proceeds to payment

Once you’ve reserved your spot, proceed to the next step: payment. Confirm your investment by securing your position in this significant project. Your commitment brings us closer to realizing the vision of Ecobeachcity.
Step 3

Enjoy your property

Welcome aboard the exciting journey as an investor in Ecobeachcity! As the project unfolds, relish substantial returns and exclusive benefits. Immerse yourself in all that this exceptional investment has to offer.

About us

Who is behind Eco Beach City

Carlos de Ory

Investor and Founder

Carlos has over 10 years of experience in organizing start-up events, co-livings, travel websites and real estate projects.


With a successful track record in these fields, he has created and executed innovative business strategies that have consistently yielded positive results.


With extensive experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Carlos is confident in his ability to drive business growth and success in any venture he undertakes.

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