First Eco Beach City. Reserve your dream property now and pay later!

Already under construction!👷‍♀️ 

The most affordable homes🏠, in the recently named best island in the world 🏝️, Sumba, Indonesia.

+1.215 investors are already part of Eco Beach City – Be Next!
+1.215 investors
are already part of Eco Beach City
Be Next!
+1.215 investors are already part of Eco Beach City – Be Next!
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Invest in your future

If you want, we help you rent your house 

so that you have income every month. Up to 25% annual ROI.


ROI +15%

Annual ROI estimated

$19,500 - $36,500
Taxes included


ROI +10%

Annual ROI  estimated

Taxes included


ROI +20%

Annual ROI estimated

Taxes included

Seize the Opportunity

Invest in the world’s first eco-city. Enjoy sustainable living and strategic investment opportunities in a growing digital creative community. 


Buy plots and build properties on a paradisiacal island.


Join a global, innovative, eco-friendly business community.


Earn passive income for 80 years or sell for a higher price in the future effortlessly.

Up to 25% ROI

It is not co-ownership. It is entirely yours! You can live in your home whenever you want, or we can help you rent it out to generate monthly income.

4th Most Powerful Economy In the World

According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), Indonesia will be the 4th world most powerful economy in the world.

50% More Increase in Rental Prices

Rental prices have risen by over 50% in Indonesia in the last 4 years. 

Smart Investment Profitable Returns


Yearly Tourists Arrival

Indonesia’s tourism trend is increasing, with 11.68 million arrivals in 2023.


Annual Land Appreciation

Land prices in Indonesia tend to increase by up to 100% every year.


Years Ownership

Up to 80 years of land ownership in Sumba with an easy application process. Can be renewed after that.

29 - 31°C

Average Temperature

Enjoy a pleasant climate all year round.


Natural Tourist Attractions

Sumba boasts over 162 natural tourist attractions.


Top Destination

Sumba has been ranked as the fifth most popular tourist destination.


Favourable Tax

Indonesia’s property tax rate is benefiting real estate investors.

Economic Growth

Indonesia’s average annual growth is 5% over the last five years.

Explore Sumba

Ranked as the top1 island in the world in 2024. Discover magic on this paradise island – reconnect with nature, embrace culture, and find yourself in beauty.

Pristine Beaches

Ride the waves along Sumba’s pristine coast


Ancient Villages

Immerse in the heart of Sumba’s ancient culture


Tranquil Savanna

Walk along the golden grasses while witnessing stunning sunsets


Why Sumba?

A resort in Sumba is listed as one of Forbes's Top 25 Coolest Resorts in the World.

Featured as one of the Top 10 Islands in Asia 2022.

One of the 15 Readers’ Favorite Resorts in Asia in 2023 is in Sumba.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve nominee for biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Developing infrastructures while targeting to use 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Top-ranked destination in 2024: A curated list of the most desirable places to explore.

Live Life to the Fullest

With every amenity designed to complement your unique lifestyle.

Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space and Function Halls, Perfect for Community Events & Parties.

Beach Clubs

With separate adults-only and family swimming pools.

Gym & Sports Club

Completed with tennis paddle, basketball and soccer courts.


Completed with supermarket, laundromat, eco stores and more.


Savour hearty meal options for any dietary concerns.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Enjoy a pristine ambience with urban convenience.

A Promise for Sustainable Living

A Promise for Sustainable Living


“After consulting with their agents and gathering additional information about the project, the team's helpfulness won us over. We decided to purchase one property, and then another. If we had more funds available, we would have gladly bought even more.”
Carolina Guzmám & Jesus Gutiérrez

Invest Big, Gain Shares, Shape Tomorrow

EBC welcomes stakeholders to invest at a grander scale and gain shares in our transformative vision.