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Located in eastern Indonesia, Sumba offers a delightful climate for sun-soaked beach activities and endless adventures. Eco Beach City, nestled in a unique location of Sumba, will provide residents with enhanced livability while protecting 95% of the surrounding natural landscape.

EBC’s Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment extends beyond luxury resorts. We weave a tapestry of responsible living, harmonizing the beauty of the environment with a sustainable future.

Low Impact Housing

Carefully designed properties that minimize environmental footprint while maximizing comfort.

Solar Panel

Sustainable energy sources power your home while reducing environmental impact.

Water Desalination

A constant supply of clean, fresh water, all while reducing dependence on external water sources.

Sustainable Waste Management

Supporting a cleaner Earth with sustainable waste management practices.

Simple Living, Smart Earnings

Where living easily translates to smart, effortless earnings

Grow With Your Investment

Seize the opportunity to own a piece of paradise and enjoy
the freedom of having more time to grow with your investment.

We Have Everything You Need

  • Lucrative Return on Investments
  • Property Management Company
  • Modern Co-Working Spaces
  • Stable Internet Access
  • Global Business Community

Vision & Mission

Be productive in paradise! EBC builds a world-class community, where a unique living experience goes beyond the ordinary—a hub for the global community where the greatest minds and transformative ideas are found.

Core Values

We believe in creating a green and friendly place to live by mixing work and life in a balanced way so you can enjoy both. We also celebrate the unique culture of Sumba, making our home special for everyone.

Our People

Uniting Global Talents for Sustainable Tomorrow

Daniel Galindo

Chief Executive Officer and Investor

Carlos de Ory

Founder and Investor

Sustainable Way of Life

At Eco Beach City, sustainable living isn’t just a choice; it’s the essence of our vibrant community. EBC invites every resident to make a significant difference in preserving our planet. Our low-impact housing units are made from sustainable materials and powered by solar energy, reducing carbon emissions and enabling you to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. With our solar-powered desalination plant, you can enjoy a dependable water supply while contributing to conserving freshwater resources.

We encourage responsible waste management and composting to minimize environmental impact and keep our surroundings clean and healthy. Join us in our mission to protect the reefs and promote the health and biodiversity of our marine ecosystems. Make a conscious choice today to live in an eco-friendly community and be a part of the solution for a better tomorrow.