Laiwangi Manggaweti

Wanggameti-Langgalira in East Sumba spans 42,567 hectares, with around 27,805 hectares cloaked in forests, showcasing a diverse ecosystem unique to dry Nusa Tenggara region. The island’s highest peak, hosts various forest types, including 77 bird species and 43 butterfly species, and approximately 70 plant species.


For the locals, the forest serves as a vital resource for sustenance, providing food, firewood, medicinal plants, and raw materials for the renowned Tenun Ikat lot, essential for traditional arts and ceremonies.

Manupeu Tanah Daru

Manupeu-Tanadaru National Park spans across East and West Sumba, covering several regions: Lewa District, Katiku Tana, Walaka, Loli, Langgaliru Village, Watumbelar, Kangeli, Konda Maloba, Umamano, Matayanga, and Katika Laku.


The park serves as a habitat for the Rangkong Sumba (Rhyticeros everetti), a Sumba endemic bird thriving in significant numbers here. Additionally, the sulfur-crested cockatoo (Cacatua Sulphurea Citrinocristata) and yellow-crested cockatoo are commonly spotted within the park’s boundaries.