Ratenggaro Village

Ratenggaro Village is located in the southwest region of Sumba, about an hour’s drive from Waitabula. The village is in the same direction as the stunning Weekuri Lake, Bwana Beach, and Watumalandong Beach. Stepping into this village, your eyes will be spoiled with a spectacular sea view.

Praijing Village

Sitting on a hill surrounded by beautiful greeneries is the Praijing Village in West Sumba, near Waikabukak City. As you arrive and walk down to the village, you will be welcomed by an impressive megalithic tomb and a serene overview of the entire village.

Tarung-Waitabar Village

Tarung and Waitabar, neighbouring villages in Sumba, are famous for being visited together due to their nearness. Visitors will be welcomed with traditional Sumbanese dances and immerse themselves in the island’s rich cultural heritage. Their popularity attracts tourists, leading some residents to speak fluent English.

Praigoli Village

Located south of Waikabubak lies Praigoli village, where an annual spectacle, the Pasola festival, is held. This renowned festival is the most celebrated event on the island, featuring two rival groups of horsemen engaged in a spirited battle—a symbolic sacrifice for bountiful harvests.