Tenun Ikat

The Tenun Ikat tradition has deep roots in Sumba’s cultural and social life, reflecting the island’s identity and history. The fabrics are used in various ceremonial and everyday contexts, from traditional attire worn during rituals and ceremonies to household items and decorative pieces. This tradition serves as a means of artistic expression and a way to preserve and pass on cultural heritage from one generation to another.

Kandingang Dance

The Kandingang Dance is a traditional ritualistic dance performed by the Marapu community in Sumba. It’s a significant cultural practice that embodies spiritual and social values within the Marapu belief system.


This dance is usually performed during specific ceremonies, such as harvest festivals, initiation rituals, or other important community events. The dance itself often involves rhythmic movements accompanied by unique music played on traditional instruments, creating an immersive experience that celebrates the interconnectedness between the community, nature, and their ancestral spirits.