Southwest Sumba

When visiting Sumba, you will first arrive at the airport of Waitabula, the capital city of the South-West-Sumba regency. From this city, you can explore more beaches and waterfalls, such as Weekuri Lagoon, Bwana Beach, Wainyapu Village, and Pabetilakera Waterfall.

West Sumba

The second largest city in Sumba is Waikabubak, the capital city of West-Sumba Regency, with slightly less than 30,000 inhabitants. In Waikabukak, you can visit the Wai Liang traditional market for souvenirs or sightseeing.

Central Sumba

Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park is located here in Central Sumba. The park itself is the only remaining low-ground forest area in Sumba. It is a perfect place for birdwatching, as it is home to as many as 87 endangered species of birds, along with 118 species of plants.

East Sumba

Waingapu, the capital of East Sumba, is the biggest city, with around 35,000 inhabitants. Here, you can find shops and markets for your daily needs and enjoy local pop-up grills and barbecues at night. This city is also the starting point for those exploring cultural villages such as Melolo and Rende.