Underrated Destination in Indonesia


Everyone seems to hear of Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia with tropical weather with the astonishing wonder of nature.

People probably visit Indonesia for the famous Island of God, Bali. If you’re planning to visit Indonesia, these are the new locations you should be adding to your list of destinations

  1. Sumba

If you’re a hiker and would love to see another breathtaking view up the hill, Sumba is the place to go. The island is in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, located in eastern Indonesia. From hills to waterfalls, Sumba Island is worth the visit. Wairinding hill offers a stunning savannah view during the dry season and the best view for hiking is at sunrise. Another hidden gem travelers must witness is the heavenly Lapopu Waterfall. Located near Waikabubak City, Central Sumba, the 90m waterfall is like no other. It presents a tranquil ambiance perfect for anyone who seeks to get away from the hustle and bustle city.

sumba indonesia

  1. Solo

Entering Solo city, you will experience a warm and slow pace culture. It is best known for the local home of Batik, the authentic pattern of fabric from Indonesia. Travelers are able to learn how to create Batik at the Kampung Batik Laweyan. The process requires patience and careful technique as well as attention to detail. Aside from Batik, Solo is also known for its cuisine. Be ready to taste the delightful traditional meal, Nasi Liwet. It is a rice dish cooked in coconut milk and spices, served with a complementary dish like chicken and eggs. Street foods in Solo are best explored in the evening. The city also hold hundred years of history of the Colonial Era in the Vastenburg Fortress.

solo indonesia

  1. Jepara

Jepara is a small town in Central Java that has several tourist attractions. There’s an island called Karimunjawa that tourists have to travel by boat to get there. The island offers beautiful clear beaches and impressive coral reefs. It is such an underrated location for divers. Most of the island is part of a National Park. Travelers not only serve with nautical attractions but also a lush mangrove forest inside the national park. You can walk on the wooden track and have a dense tropical experience. At the end of the track, tourists will be able to watch an impressive coastal forest view.


  1. Manado

Being the capital city of North Sulawesi province in Indonesia, the city has magnificent panorama travelers need to uncover. One of the most popular ones is Bunaken Island, located in Bunaken National Marine Park. It is the magnet that attracts both domestic and international tourists to come and visit Manado. The island is rich with exquisite underwater beauty. Travelers can learn to scuba dive by taking courses that are available on the island and get ready to be amazed by the biota charm that has more than 91 species of aquatic animals.

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  1. Yogyakarta

For you who seek short travel getaway, Yogyakarta could be the way to go. Yogyakarta is a whole province located in the south of Central Java. The affordable cost of living makes it the best city for college students to live and study, in Indonesia, they call it the Student City (Kota Pelajar). The city is best known for its arts and cultural heritage. While in Yogyakarta, travelers have several options to explore the cultural side of the city. Prambanan Temple is one of the most popular Hindu temples in Indonesia. There’s a traditional dance performance called Sendratari Ramayana Prambanan three times a week at night. Besides the temple, tourists can take a walk along the Malioboro street to see local handcrafts street store and take a ride around the city by Andong, the traditional horse cart.


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