Remote working: A Favor everyone can enjoy


2020 hit and remote working became the new normal.


According to research, 97.6% of remote workers long to work remotely for the rest of their careers. The glory of remote working is its flexibility. It allows workers to get more things done and save time on the commute. That reason alone is grabbing the top rank of remote working benefits.

Although the advantages list of remote working keeps going, 50% of the struggle from working remotely came from the WFH environment itself. 16% of it is loneliness, and 12% other is getting demotivated. Apparently, remote working also has an impact on the motivation of workers.

Another struggle of working remotely is being in a different time zone than their co-workers.  Nonetheless, companies are not going to make people work at the office any time soon. This is because surprisingly, a study shows that working from home increases productivity by up to 77%.

Remarkably, remote working obtains more benefits rather than difficulties for companies and their employees. While getting all the convenience a worker didn’t get before, life balance still needs to be well taken care of. Workers need to be equipped with enough resources and facilities to maximize productivity and deliver excellent performance.

New comer destination for remote workers..

Sitting and looking at the laptop at home all day could harm an employee’s health. For this reason, workers are encouraged to have a regular routine of exercise and in-person activities. It is proved that the separation space of work and life could avoid the brain from burning out. Eco Beach City in Indonesia sets up an efficient ecosystem that could be a quick fix for remote workers’ struggles.

Eco Beach City is a co-living environment that allows entrepreneurs and remote workers to have a support facility to increase productivity in a healthy way and still create room for growth. Workers are able to stay in studio houses on an exotic island, get the work done and maintain their well-being. Whats even better is it will be at such an affordable cost.

Startup entrepreneurs and nomads are going to experience working remotely on a completely different level. Residents of Eco Beach City can interact and be in the same battle together in the co-working space and gain motivation through weekly hackathons. Exercise could be something you schedule after work at the sports club and hanging out after work hours won’t be a problem because you can go lounge in the beach clubs overlooking stunning beaches.

The struggle of remote working will be reduced to less and only then the benefits of it can be appreciated for it gives solely good deeds to all parties.

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