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real estate

Real Estate Investment?

When you hear the word “investment”, these are what mostly come up: the stock market, crypto, forex, exchange-traded funds, you name it. Although the stock market is the currency for investment, there is another choice for low-risk investment. A real estate investment is a popular option for it. However, despite this fact, people are still taking careful steps when it comes to investing in properties.

Some said real estate investment worth a fortune. Others said it’s too much work, you need to spend maintenance expenses to keep up with the market. It’s true, but that’s only if you take care of it yourself. Now there’s a way to make it easier and even better. If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, all you need to do is secure the money and keep your eyes close to prospects.

real estate

Eco Beach City is an entrepreneur ecosystem with houses, international school, restaurants, co-working spaces, and classes, where entrepreneurs and digital nomad workers from around the world live together to brainstorm, train, and grow their businesses. You buy a plot for €15,000 and choose whether to built a house and live in it, or just simply rent it for an investment.

Becoming a resident in Eco Beach City opens to many doors of networking that you’d ever wished for. You are going to find premium facilities and indulge with same-minded people from all over the world. If you’re a business owners or investor, this will be the perfect place to hunt. Eco Beach City will be the ecosystem of startups and business ventures that you can invest in.


Where is it?

The residence is in Sumba, the hidden paradise of Indonesia, with an average temperature of 24-degree celcius. It is ecologically built and introducing the pioneer of glamping owners in eco beach city. The new option for you who have been looking for real estate investment. And yes, it is legit. Created by PT Levels Hotels Indonesia and already has legal permission.

real estate

What’s next?

Whether you want to live in it or not, Eco Beach City is taking care of the rest. Eco Beach City is going to rent out your studios monthly and you’ll receive passive income from €500 to €4,100 per month. The kind of investment of which result you can see short and long term. Renting the studios will be available to make through travel portals such as and Maintenance will be taken care of by Eco Beach City staff and only cost from €65 per month for the community fee.

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