A Glimpse of What it’s like to live in Indonesia


Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia, a rich archipelago.

Living in Indonesia is amazing.


Once you land, you’ll experience a whole new culture and the rich beauty of nature to explore. Indonesia consists of 6 big islands, Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua, Bali, and 17,000 small islands. The existence of underrated islands in Indonesia is still unknown to most international or domestic tourists. Limitless mountains to climb, and more than 50 national parks to visit. For this reason, people who are living in Indonesia has countless destinations to explore.

Indonesia has a lot of paradises to offer. While in Java, you may want to continue your journey to Sumba Island, an hour flight from Bali. Later you’ll encounter a no-traffic serene small island. Numerous fine sandy beaches to chill at and crystal blue waters to dive in.

The nation is also home to hikers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced traveler, there’s always another option of a mountain to hike every weekend. Camp at Ranu Kumbolo and watch the dazzling view of stars the night before seeing sunrise at the tip of Mount Bromo.

One of the most populated country in the world..

More than 275 million people are living in Indonesia, making it the fourth largest population in the world. You will meet tons of friendly faces no matter which area you’re visiting. Each people comes from different background bringing out the diversity within the society. You experience the multicultural of Indonesia in several forms in daily life. One of them is through the Indonesian authentic dishes.

One thing about the culture that you don’t want to miss is the food.

People said that you can experience a country’s culture through the food. In this case, Indonesian meal will absolutely blown your mind away that it is rich in flavor and spices.

indonesia food

Whatever city you go in Indonesia, you will always find Warung Padang, authentic cooking from Sumatra. They are going to serve you many choices of food and Rendang, the beef meat cooked with coconut milk and Indonesia original spices, is going to be the menu you crave again later. Another dish you can’t say no to is Bakso. Bakso is a bowl of meatballs with beef broth, usually served with complimentary like tofu and noodles.

Splurge in a simpler life!

Living in Indonesia is considered inexpensive, making it perfect for those trying to celebrate life in a tropical sanctuary. Meals start from $1 to $3, laundry is $1 for 2kgs. Bus and train stations are nearby to travel from one city to another starting from $10 depending on which destination you are going. Grab and GoJek is the Uber in Indonesia to get around. For island life, people usually rent motorcycles for €40 per month. You can access the internet in almost everywhere from $5.

Tourists who are visiting Indonesia for less than 30 days won’t need a visa, with a condition that tourists are not allowed to do any work or business activity. For those who want to stay up to 60 days or 180 days, applying visa is recommended through the Online Visa Approval application.



You too, have a chance to stay in wonderful Indonesia.. 

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