Eco House Vs Conventional House: Which You Should Buy, Why, and How?

Eco house Vs Conventional house

Eco House Vs Conventional House: Which You Should Buy, Why, and How?

A house is an inseparable part of human life, even one of the primary human needs. As a primary need, the house you own must be safe and comfortable to live in. Prevailing lifestyle influenced the construction of houses. Houses built in the 20th century are different from the 21st century. Eco-friendly houses became a trend in the early two decades of the 21st century. We believe these houses to be much healthier for those who owned them and also have a good impact on the surrounding environment.

So, what is the difference between an eco-friendly house and a conventional house,  which makes this eco-friendly house an interest and dream for those who want to live safely and comfortably?


Conventional houses are usually built of brick or hollow blocks. It’s a cheaper material but its production is harmful to the natural environment. Hollow bricks and bricks also make it possible to quickly build houses. The material is also available in every building store. In the case of eco-friendly houses, the materials that are used are those that minimize later exploitation costs of the house.  It released no harmful gases into the atmosphere during its production and use. They are also friendly to household members and do not cause allergies. One of the materials most often chosen is wood, clay, or stone.

Construction Site

We can see the difference between these two types of houses in the construction process, starting with the location of the building. In the case of eco-friendly houses, the property must not interfere with the natural environment. People usually build eco-friendly houses according to the circulation of the sun, while they built anywhere conventional houses. The most important thing is the strategic location, easy to reach, close to public transportation, and other infrastructure, mainly stores and schools.

Indoor Environmental Quality

The quality of the indoor environment plays an important role in a person’s health. In many cases, a much healthier environment can be created by avoiding the harmful ingredients found in paints, carpets, and other upholstery. Conventional houses have complex designs and generally use paint and tiles, which require adhesives and tools that are quite dangerous for health. Meanwhile, eco-friendly houses usually have simpler designs and use harmless natural materials.

Energy Conservation

Electricity consumption is also higher in conventional houses. Conventional houses consume 180 kWh perm2 per year, while eco-friendly houses consume only about 40 kWh perm2 per year. You can save on electricity bills, here!

It turns out that having an eco-friendly house is not only good for the environment, but this house is also very safe for our health.

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