Do you have what it takes to be a digital nomad?

Digital nomad is the new hit and the money is now digital.

digital nomad

What would’ve been an idea in the late 90s is now becoming reality. Back then, a discussion about technology and computers replacing humans is kind of a joke for regular people. Nowadays nobody can seem to live without one. Technology is one of the most important factors supporting our daily life.

Guess Ross from Friends wasn’t entirely wrong when he said in the year 2030 people will be able to live forever as machines. It’s almost 2023, technology and internet are controlling most of human behaviors.  The development of Artificial Intelligent allows our devices to understand us better than the people around us.

Looking at the in-demand and high-paying careers as digital nomad, most of the list we’re looking at is related to technology and requires another level of creativity. Web developers, copywriting, UX/UI design, mobile app development SEO managers, E-Commerce, Data analytics, and many more.

How’s this tech thing affecting the way we live?

In 2035, there will be a billion people of digital nomads. Meaning a billion people are doing something related to technology and the digital world. That’s a lot of numbers. Those people will be able to live anywhere they want and be paid the amount they deserved. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of career you want to jump into?

In this case, it’s important for young people to equip themselves with useful skills that could support their careers in the future. Eco Beach City is providing the facility for you, giving you a trial of what the future might look like. It is the ecosystem of the future. There, digital nomads can sharpen their skills and connect with competent people.

The ecosystem is resourceful to where you won’t be needing anything else. You will be attending classes in copywriting, SEO, web development, eCommerce, and many more. Aside from classes, weekly hackathons are just around the corner. Experienced and successful entrepreneurs and business owners around the world will be coming to share insightful perspectives that could help you grow your creative thinking.

Give us a call to experience a fun and nurturing system to equip your skillful future self!

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